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Country legend delivers the SCORCHING message to liberals going after children

This will give you chills.

Today, a good old boy could rightly say about our Idiot in Chief is that “He’s Slicker’n Bird Shit.” — FJB;

I’m sure he is. And along with the two of us, I’m sure there is a hell of a lot more out there, just like it! Semper Fi;

Couldn’t have said it better. It occurs to me that this is the exact reason the left is conducting this operation. The left would gladly sacrifice hundreds of screwed-up teachers for the cause of gun control. Good time to just use fists…..;

Same as in Mexico. Except Mexico expects EVERYONE to vote. voting on Sundays always;

She would be my choice. Her proposals are exactly what the entire free world should do. IGNORE globalization and get our own, individual houses in order. The first thing to do is rein in or dismantle the U.N. It is nothing more than a front for Fabian Socialism and collectivism;


Fighting for our country is fighting for our children. A normal parent wants to leave the world and a better position for their children. Time to fight like hell;

that is correct … parents will gladly stack up to breach the gates of hell to fight the devil hand to hand butt naked holding a snow cone to fight for their kids;

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Hey, groomers or democrats, which is the same thing. Fck with the bull, get the horns. Your time is limited: Viewers’ Comments.




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