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Joe Biden’s Approval Rating Tanks with Hispanics

A recent poll out of Texas shows that Hispanics may not be the reliable voting bloc that Democrats had previously banked on, with a solid majority now disapproving of President Joe Biden.

According to the Dallas Morning News/University of Texas-Tyler Poll, only 35 percent of self-identified Hispanics in the Lone Star State approve of President Joe Biden, while 54 percent either disapprove (20 percent) or strongly disapprove (34 percent).

The poll, conducted September 7-14, surveyed 1,148 registered voters in Texas and has a margin of error of 3.7 percent.

Holy smokes! Joe Biden’s approval rating among Hispanics in Texas is 19 points underwater.

Expect this to get worse with the border crisis.

The poll also did not fare well for Vice President Kamala Harris, Joe Biden’s likely successor, who enjoyed only a 38 percent approval rating among Hispanics in the state of Texas versus a 45 percent approval rating.

Beyond party lines, current Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) also had a poor approval rating among Hispanics (37 percent) versus a 52 percent disapproval rating. That may or may not stem from the fact that a majority of Hispanics (57 percent) in the state strongly supported mask mandates in K-12 schools versus just 12 percent opposed.

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Perhaps more disconcerting for Democrats, the poll further showed a sizeable majority of Hispanics (54 percent) favored overturning Roe v. Wade versus the 46 percent in favor of the status quo. Th… (Read more)

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