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Biden administration

Meet the Judge that Overturned Mask Mandates

Why couldn’t we get her to be a Supreme Court Judge instead of Jumanji;

we need to get all the evidence of election FRAUD before this judge IMMEDIATELY;

I love her already, glad she’s smart and hardworking educated … that makes a huge difference, the work;

want her on the Supreme court. she actually goes by the constitution and the law;

HERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Would have chosen her over Amy Coney Barrett a million times over… I hope she still has the belief and knows that paper money is not constitutional… That would be great!!! Fiat currency is NOT money and it is not wealth, real wealth is things that can be measured, things that can be seen, things that can be felt, things that have weight and are heavy, which was the original meaning of money throughout all of the time, it had the connotation of heavy something of value like gold or cows or chickens or eggs things that you could see and touch and feel, that’s money, fiat currency is NOT money; it’s a piece of paper that has a perceived value based upon their direction and control… See where I’m going with this…???;


good for you, you stand your ground;

Easy to see someone’s beauty when they are conservative freedom-loving patriots… You want to eat them alive…;

Hot! Obviously a conservative….: Viewers’ Comments.

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