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Officials Make Disturbing Discovery about Man Who Landed in US from Afghan Evac Flight: He’s a Convicted Rapist Who Was Previously Deported

Joe Biden’s hasty and precipitous withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan has had devastating consequences, including the deaths of 13 U.S. troops.

We have also learned that one man who managed to board an evacuation flight out of Afghanistan and landed in the U.S. is a convicted rapist.

Fortunately, the man was detained by U.S. law enforcement officials on U.S. soil after this fact was discovered. The convicted rapist is 47-year-old Ghader Heydari.

Upon his arrival at Washington Dulles International Airport, Heydari was flagged.

He was only spotted due to his criminal and immigration history, which derailed his entry. Having already landed on U.S. soil, it appears Heydari nearly succeeded in avoiding detainment.

This is raising serious concerns and widespread speculation about the screening process of evacuees who are entering U.S. soil.

Following Biden’s disastrous withdrawal, American citizens were unable to catch flights out of the country. As a result, Heydari made it on an Ethiopian Airlines charter flight for evacuees to the U.S.

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To make matters worse, at least one other “refugee” has been identified as having potential ties to ISIS. A U.S. official confirmed this report after the Afghan was already evacuated from Kabul Airport and landed in Qatar.

At Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar, security screeners uncovered the disturbing information.

The Defense Department’s Automated Biometric Identification System has reportedly flagged more individuals.

Up to 100 of the 7,000 Afghans evacuated identified as prospective recipients of Special Immigration Visas have potential matches to intelligence agency watch lists.

Thousands of Afghans have been flown to other temporary staging bases throughout the Middle East and Europe by U.S. military aircraft.

At least 6,000 fleeing Afghans have been evacuated to Al Udeid where they are undergoing screening.

The Washington Post reports there are numerous cases of Afghans being flagged in the security screening process.

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“Some have been sent back to foreign staging locations after being flagged for security concerns,” the Post added.

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Approximately 100 of the recipients of Special Immigration Visas had run into issues during the security screening process and that one had potential terrorist ties, Defense One reported last week.


More on the convicted rapist Ghader Heydari via Daily Wire:

The report said that Heydari was being held at the Caroline Detention Facility in Bowling Green, Virginia and that it’s not clear how he got on the flight given that it was “unlikely” that he had a Special Immigrant Visa or that he was a refugee.

“That leaves parole, a power the homeland security secretary has to grant admission to the U.S. in exceptional humanitarian cases,” the report said. “Most Afghans evacuated to the U.S. appear to be parolees rather than having official immigration status.”

According to the Washington Times, a senior administration told reporters last week that evacuees were supposed to be undergoing security screening at transit hubs outside the U.S. before being allowed to enter the country. The report said that either Heydari somehow managed to slip through the cracks of the screening measures or his rape conviction was not enough to keep him off the flight due to the extreme nature of the humanitarian crisis that erupted following Democrat President Joe Biden’s foreign policy decisions in the country.

The Times added:

Heydari came to the U.S. as a refugee sometime in the previous century and was granted a green card in 2000. A man whose name and age match Heydari‘s pleaded guilty to rape in Ada County, Idaho, in 2010. He served more than five years in a state prison and was released on supervision in December 2015, according to state records.

He was ordered deported by an immigration judge in 2016 and was removed in 2017. When Heydari arrived in the U.S. on the evacuation flight, officials tried to persuade him to cancel his request to enter, formally known as withdrawal of application for admission, but he appears to have refused.





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