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Hunter Biden

Real reporter breaks bombshell Hunter Biden news, anchors sit stunned

The folks at CBS are not used to reporting real news!.

Whatever. It’s to late lefties. They gave us four years plus of torture with Trump. Now the will reap what they’ve sown. No quarters;

I was waiting for them to show her colleagues stunned look on their faces like the headline said, or it`s fake news;

I don’t know what happened but it sure looks like Fox News screwed up by letting this lady get away from them;

Anchors sit stunned? But for the first few seconds, as CH started speaking, we don’t even see the anchors. Quit with the click bait or you’re no better than they are;

Is this about the hooker Hunter knocked up or the widow of Hunter’s dead brother who he impregnated and ran out on?;

Hunter is being investigated by the bought and paid for FBI. Watch them determine that he is a super hero;


Yeah, when you have to tell them the truth about all your business, because you knocked up a hoe, and now have to pay child support like the rest of us;

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It is strange this reporter left Fox News for CBS. I wonder if they are using her to pretend they are no bias or for controlled information release;

Real journalism and CBS news are not synonymous. It’s good to see the story reported as it was, though I can’t help but wonder if this is no more than part of another Democrat plan to lend credibility to a removal of a sitting president. Albeit a fraudulent one: Viewers’ Comments.



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