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Dana Perino

[VIDEO] Dana Perino: White House ‘bracing’ for Hunter Biden’s emails | Brian Kilmeade Show

DANA PERINO: And you do it no matter who it is. … And Johnson, I think what happened was he’s expecting as leaders of the free world who believe in human rights, freedom of the press and democracy and accountability to citizens, that, of course, we are going to take a couple of questions. And remember, Boris Johnson just got a big diplomatic win with Biden in terms of allowing finally citizens from the U.K. to be allowed to travel into the United States.

But what you want to do with a friend of yours or an ally is give them a chance to shine. Give them a chance to have some good headlines back home. What I think happened here is they didn’t want Biden to answer any questions for a multitude of reasons. OK, we could imagine what they are. It seemed that maybe the staff had had a conversation back and forth that they were not going to take any questions. And so Boris Johnson was like, let me see if I can just do this on the fly and say, surely it’s OK to take a couple of questions, right? And instead, they ushered everybody out of the Oval Office. I thought it looked terrible. It looks dictatorial. And it also shows like, you can’t back up any of the decisions that you’re making.






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