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VIDEO: Teen Jumps From Speeding Car During Police Chase: Cops

A teen jumped from a speeding stolen car during a police chase, according to authorities in Ohio. The Whitehall Police Department says officers were chasing the 16-year-old at high speeds. They say they deployed stop sticks to disable the vehicle. The car started to slow down and crash into the cement barrier. The driver can be seen making his way to the passenger side of the vehicle before jumping. Cops say he suffered minor injuries.

We’re living in some truly incredible times. He’s lucky he didn’t get the Darwin Award;


He was probably like, “It didn’t seem this painful when I jumped out of my custom Lambo in GTA 5”. Real life sucks man;

had a neck brace from an incident with another vehicle and he does this ? man you cannot make this up;

just be real.. that was apprehending the suspect not ‘checking on him’ he got on top and secured him;

The sad part is he didn’t learn his lesson the first time and probably won’t here either: Viewers’ Comments.

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