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VIDEO: Tucker: Our leaders don’t understand this

Tucker Carlson explains how the U.S. is seeing the end of neoliberalism.

I have been saying for years, “When you lose the middle class in America, you will lose all that is good about the USA”. Way to go, Joe! Our country is at the lowest I have seen in my 69 years. Keep dividing us, spreading hate and America will fall. I suggest we all need to keep praying, love and respect each other and get new leadership. Teach our children to read, write, math and science and let their parents decide what is best for their children. From what I heard from four high school girls this week is they go to school and sit in the lunch room most of the day and aren’t learning anything. No teachers, no lessons and no one seems to know what is going on. I had no idea how bad it has become in our schools;

It’s not that they don’t understand. It’s that what they’re doing is most effective for their goals. Nobody could be so stupid as to cause all this destruction on accident;

This administration is one of the greatest threats this country has faced;


Saying they don’t understand is pure b.s. They know exactly what they’re doing. Dividing us as a country is their goal;

It’s so sad watching the erosion of the middle class and small business owners in America;

What does “transgender equality” actually mean? Do you suddenly lose rights under the law if you decide you’re trans? Of course not. What the phrase actually means is “special treatment”;

Tucker is one of the very few overall, much less on the new Fox that I can expect adult concerns to be addressed. I also like the fact he doesn’t constantly wag his head looking like a spoiled teen girl that didn’t get a pony and lashing out at the ones she thinks did. Tucker is informative and helpful. Thank you, Tucker;

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What do you mean our leader….we didn’t vote them in. They bought their way in;

Our president gets paid to lie but so does the Vice President and First Lady and it’s very obvious. It’s also very sad: Viewers’ Comments.



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