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WATCH: 2000 Mules Trailer

Here’s the official trailer for “2000 Mules.” It’s the movie we’ve all been waiting for.

So, NOW what happens? It seems like no matter how much evid3nce is shown of the stolen Presidency, no one does anything about it!!;

After the midterms when Republicans take back the House and Senate!;

Not just any ‘Republicans’! There are RINO Republicans that are also living comfortably within the same corrupt system, not willing to rock the boat because they may upset their own positions. Make sure YOUR Republican is an America First Republican, and NOT a RINO!;

So now what happens is the correct question. What happens is up to us. Individual American citizens. If you care, get involved. If you’re not involved, then go cry in the corner;

That is my prayer, but I also know that the communist/socialist democrat party is gearing up with the covid crap again, and will be rabidly pursuing anything and everything they can to tilt the scales their way. They cheated and lied in the 2020 election and committed enough out and out fraud, that the entire election should have been thrown out. If we would have had a “supreme” court that was worth it’s weight in horse crap, they would have stopped this travesty against our Constitution long ago;


Only a FOOL would believe in any way that there would be a FAIR election — next time… next time they’ll say anyone can vote… next time your vote will be cast by some illegal: Viewers’ Comments.

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