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W.Va. governor: Unvaccinated people will only get vaccine ‘if an awful lot of people die’

“I hate to say this, but what would put them over the edge is if an awful lot of people die,” West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice said.

West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice (R) said that the individuals who have not gotten the COVID-19 vaccination in his state would possibly get vaccinated if there was a “calamity” and “a terrible parcel of individuals kick the bucket.”

On Sunday, Justice told ABC’s “This Week” host Martha Raddatz, “I hate to say this, but what would put them over the edge is if an awful lot of people die.”

He included in his speech the “only way” the rest of his state will get vaccinated is if a “catastrophe” occurred “that none of us want,” The Hill revealed.

Justice’s state has a lottery for firearms, money, trucks, and different prizes to the individuals who are vaccinated. Yet, for the unvaccinated individuals, he said, “It’s a death lottery.”

Last month, Justice said in a video, “Well when you turn your back and say, ‘Nope I’m not doing that’ — all you’re doing is entering the death drawing.”

In West Virginia, 55.7% of inhabitants got no less than one portion of the COVID-19 vaccination, with 46.4% completely vaccinated, according to the state’s Department of Health and Human Resources.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention record 54.9% of the all-out U.S. populace as having gotten somewhere around one portion of the COVID-19 vaccination, and 47.4% completely vaccinated.

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